We develop tools & products tailored for
musical synchrony in live performances & shows.

Our Software


Perform with video directly in Ableton Live


Full control of lighting fixtures from Ableton Live


Align any Link-enabled system to the rhythm

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Our Services

We deploy our sync technologies at
music events, artist tours and installations.

Visual music

Our products act in real-time. They analyse music, control Ableton Live, and allow us to use Live to create state of the art musically sync visuals and lighting.

Creative freedom in sync shows

Artists integrate our video and lighting software with their Ableton Live set. This enables them to jam, compose or perform lighting and video directly from Live.
Being out of sync should always be an artistic choice;
it should never be the symptom of limitations in insight, knowledge or tools.


For technical questions:Please visit our forum, where we are likely to respond quickly.

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