A free plugin for Live

This free Max For Live device outputs a SMPTE (LTC) audio signal with the current playback position of the active clip, taking warp markers and tempo changes into account to guarantee a time sync that is always aligned with the clip playback.


System Requirements

  • Mac OSX only (for now)
  • Ableton Live 9 or higher with Max For Live using Max 6.1.2 or higher.
  • A separate audio output for the SMPTE output signal.
The separate audio output can be a virtual sound device, such as an aggregate device that uses Soundflower if you want to route audio on the same computer to another application.



  1. Add a separate audio track to the Live set.
  2. To send the resulting audio timecode to an external destination, select this output in the ‘Audio To’ drop-down of your new track.
  3. Now add the ClipSMPTE plugin to this audio track.
  4. In the “Track to listen to” drop-down, choose which track you want the plugin to latch onto.
  5. Clips played in that track will now determine the SMPTE output time.
  6. Optionally,adding a time like +30 to the end of the clip name adds 30 seconds to the resulting SMPTE time.
Note 1: for warped clips, the plugin uses the warp markers stored on disk to determine the current playing position. Whenever the SMPTE position doesn’t seem correct, first press Save in the Sample panel of your clip to make sure the current warp markers are stored correctly.

Note 2: the plugin will start sending timecode audio immediately after adding it to the track, you probably don’t want the track routed to your speakers at a high volume.

Note 3: Not all timecode readers support non-linear timecode.

Tip: Time code from the arrange view: ClipSMPTE is developed to generate non-linear time code from the session view with dynamically changing clip tempos and positions. Using the arrangement view with linear time code is much easier: just play a waveform with pre-generated SMPTE. Here is an excellent tool that generates a waveform for you. Just drag the generated wavfile into your arrangement view (make sure it is not warped).


The SMPTE output is based on the libltc library by Robin Gareus.

Calculating the clip playback position taking warp markers into account is done with the getwarpmarkers external by Timo Rozendal.

Thanks to Michel Suk for testing and feedback.

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