MFL Patches

Play Resolume from Live

Control Resolume Arena and Avenue from Ableton Live without tedious MIDI mapping. You can trigger clips and control parameters, and once it is set up you can concentrate on your music and effects in Live and Resolume will play along.


Consult our Instruction Manual


Clip Launcher

A simple way to connect clips in Live to clips in Resolume. Drop it on a track in Live, and you will automatically trigger clips in Resolume when you trigger clips in Live. It corresponds exactly

Parameter Forwarder

Dropping this plugin behind an effect in an effect chain allows you to forward parameter values to Resolume. You can choose which parameter you want to forward from a drop-down and send it to any parameter in Resolume by entering the OSC address.

Resolume Dispatcher

The Dispatcher connects the Clip Launcher and Parameter Forwarder to Resolume and must be placed on your Master track. You always need to have an active Dispatcher to communicate between Live and Resolume. The Dispatcher also allows you to link Resolume’s global tempo, transport state and re-sync position to Ableton Live.


For support for these devices, visit our forum.

Support for Resolume can be found at the Resolume forum.

These plugins are custom-tailored for use with Resolume. To control other software from Ableton Live, you can use the Livegrabber plugins.

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